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James “Jim” Larkin is an English bred and born Marxist. He was born on January 21, 1876, and died on January 30, 1947. His family lived in Liverpool, England when he was born. For most of his life, he lived in England. However, in 1914, he moved to the United States of America. He was … Read more

At this moment nearly 244 million people live outside of their native country. Many of them moved stateside searching for better opportunities and protection. While most migration is motivated by lack of finances, it’s becoming painfully clear that a lot of cases lack human rights-based processes. Migrants often don’t feel empowered enough to speak out … Read more

The people of Hawaii have a reputation of being in touch with their environment. These people believe that it is essential to give back to nature. Nature provides them with the necessary tools to survive e.g. food, clothing and housing tools. In return, these people value nature tremendously. Waiakea is a bottled water company based … Read more

Scott Rocklage holds an extensive background in education at UC Berkeley formerly, and now has a management position at 5AM Venture Management LLC where he serves as a Managing Partner. He has previously held experience in pharmaceuticals and acted as CEO of Amersham Health as well as other organizations in the health field. He plans … Read more