Mikhail Blagoskylonny is a globally acknowledged scientist who has done a lot of research on cancer and aging. He is also an oncology professor and has made significant accomplishments in the field. Blagoskylonny has been working at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute since 2009. He has been appreciated for taking part in the writing and publishing of meaningful content on aging and cancer. The professor has always been on the frontline in encouraging medical professionals to use Rapamycin in curing cancer. The excellent knowledge that he has gained in oncology has enabled him to be respected in the medical field. Blagoskylonny believes that Rapamycin has unique properties that make it an ideal cancer treatment. The drug can cure complex diseases such as tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), hemolytic-uremic syndrome, facial angiofibromas, lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), and also coating coronary stents. It is sold in pharmacies across the globe, and its standard market name is Rapamune.

Scientists discovered about Rapamycin in 1972, and it was obtained from a bacteria that they got on Eastern Island. Medical professionals used the medicine and an antifungal agent before discovering that it had immunosuppressive and antiproliferative features.The professor is appreciated for making significant discoveries regarding the development of various targeted cancer therapies that are safe and do not cause any harm to healthy body cells. He has done a lot of work that deals with the creation of cancer and anti-aging treatments. According to Mikhail, aging and cancer are related conditions since most of the people who get the disease are beyond a certain age. The studies that he has done have significantly influenced the oncology industry. Blagosklonny’s students and other medical professionals consider him as a mentor because of his remarkable career accomplishments.The educational background of the professor is outstanding. He is a holder of a Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology and also a masters’ degree in internal medicine from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg.

The scientist kicked off his career in 2002 by working for the New York Medical College as a researcher. He then sought greener pastures at the Ordway Research Institute, which hired him as a researcher until 2009. Mikhail’s service at Roswell Park Cancer Institute has been appreciated and since he has helped it in discovering targeted cancer treatments. He has done extensive studies about aging mechanism and the development of drugs that can be used in slowing down the aging process. The latest research that the professor is conducting is about the influence of the TOR signal on the aging and cancer.Besides being a successful professor, Mikhail has had a chance to serve as the editor of different journals in the medical research field. His outstanding expertise in aging, cell cycle, and oncotarget has enabled him to be recognized as an editor-in-chief in the areas. The researcher has also been appointed to act as an associate editor in areas such as therapy and cancer biology. His publications have been useful to individuals who wish to learn more about the fields.