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During the administration of President Nixon, the United States is facing an energy crisis. Adding to the problem was the decision of the biggest oil and petroleum firms to leave the US soil and invest somewhere else. Former President Nixon thought that of the oil and petroleum firms would leave, the United States would face … Read more

Many companies today try to offer the best services to their clients but fail to deliver. Their heart has good intentions, but sad to say, the people working in them cannot have the commitment required for the services to be rendered efficiently to its clients. Fortunately, there are still companies like Sussex Healthcare that want … Read more

Eric Lefkofsky began his educational career at the University of Michigan and he later earned a JD from the Michigan Law School. The Chicago native has been wildly successful during his entrepreneurial career as he has founded and co-founded many businesses. Mr. Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Groupon among many other companies throughout his career. … Read more

Deirdre Baggot has many years of experience in the field of healthcare. She has worked as a hospital executive as well as clinician, and she has helped many practices to grow. She specializes in client relationships, implementing and designing programs, and has greatly improved the experience for countless patients as well. She has helped physicians … Read more

David McDonald has been directly involved with the growth at OSI Group since he became the COO. He supervised several different mergers that were designed to put OSI in the front of the food manufacturing industry. Turi Foods is the most recent merger transaction conducted by McDonald. Turi Foods is an Australian-based company that operates … Read more

Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and CEO of AIA . American Institute of Architects is a company that creates buildings, communities, and neighborhoods. The company has over 200 chapters and support things such as the public well being. Ivy has since then taken AIA on a global scale. There are 7 global chapters … Read more

Infinity group Australia is a company that aims at creating financial sustainability through wealth creation and debt reduction that will help an individual to secure a great financial future. It was created to help Australians secure a bright financial future by enhancing a great relationship with their clients built with passion, integrity, and trust. They … Read more

Logan Stout is a motivational speaker that has a passion for art and people. Being a former professional athlete, Stout knows what it takes to dedicate your time to developing teamwork with colleagues. After retiring, Logan wanted to reach out to working class citizens who made need a boost in their egos and hearts. Logan … Read more