The human brain is an incredibly astounding organ. There has been a lot of progress over the last century in our ability to understand what it is but we are far from fully comprehending its every nuance. However, today thanks to Neurocore Brain Performance Centers we are now able to utilize new technology in order to train our brain. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Some of the new technology that has been developed as allowed scientists to map the brain and develop biofeedback technologies which allow you to see how your mind is affecting your body. Neurocore has used these technologies in order to develop protocols that will allow individuals to improve their symptoms from various mental disorders such as attention deficit disorder and depression. This marks a relatively unprecedented advancement in the psychiatric industry.

Thanks to the help from several generations worth of scientists today it is possible for us to intervene in a patient’s life without the use of psychiatric medication and improve their overall mental health. In patients with depression, there is typically an increased amount of alpha wave activity. With this in mind, the brilliant scientists at Neurocore have been able to develop a program that allows users to use biofeedback in order to treat their depression without medication. In this program, patients are able to train their brains to overcome the severe symptoms that they are experiencing and occasionally overcome the disorder entirely. At the beginning of the process, there is a comprehensive assessment that is used in order to map the patient’s brain. By the end of the process which is held over 30 sessions over half of the users no longer met the criteria to be diagnosed as depressed and nearly 85% of the users experienced a significant reduction in their symptoms of depression.


Neurocore has been around for 14 years and in this time it has become one of the leading figures in the industry of neuroscience. They have been able to help patients with a vast array of pathologies and have even been able to professional athletes gain better control of themselves and improve their performance on the field. Read more about Neurocore at