Sometimes the tales of old bring so much vivid description to our minds that we can indeed get to experience the mind of an author through word seated comfortably while holding a mug of hot cocoa. We get to enjoy reading the lives of others who were brave and bold to go into the wild and tame it. In a post from Good Reads, it says that the books had so much life and character to them even with their aging covers and earthy smell which brings about the uniqueness of the text as well as the appreciation for the work done by the author. One such individual was Alastair Borthwick. Whenever a man opens up his chest to receive nature and all its glory, it leaves an impression on him, and that is what inspired his writings and those of others during this time. In this day and age where people are glued to their smartphones and do not leave home and wonder about the countryside in search for new sights Alastair Borthwick still is able to bring back the nostalgia. He was a renowned Scottish author as well as broadcaster whose texts recorded the enthusiasm that the working class had in climbing as a sport. He wrote from the perspective of a foot soldier during the Second World War.

Alastair Borthwick had his embers stroked when he was a writer for Open Air which was a segment in the Herald. It is from this point that he discovered the sport which until then was thought to be only for the wealthy. It was during this time that the middle-income earners hitchhiked north to feel the adrenaline rush by being one with nature. They slept in caves, camped under the open skies and enjoyed the scenery of it all. This and many more experiences where to lead him to write his first book which was released in 1939. His second book was influenced by his time in the army and was quite a captivating book to read. The world was a better place due to his books and brought delight to anyone that happened to be an avid reader. Get Borthwick’s Life Among the Scots here.