Paul Mampilly, Profits Unlimited editor, is making some interesting comments about the robotics industry. If there’s one thing Paul Mampilly has mastered it’s selecting potential investment opportunities, and he says the “cobots” or human-robot collaboration market is going to be massive.

Mampilly Tells Investors To Listen Up

In some of his latest Twitter feeds, Mampilly has brought attention to the robotics market. He’s speculates that the market is in for “incredible gains.” Beyond a few dips here and there, robotic stocks have realized an overall gain in the last year. Some of the more popular stocks include ROBO Global Robotics and Automation Index ETF, IRBO by BlackRock, iShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETF, and iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Technology ETF.

Sometimes, people have trouble processing new information that’s a bit out of their comfort zone, but as Paul Mampilly points out, shrewd investors see the potential in the robotics industry. Some people see robots as a threat to their jobs, but there are jobs that no human being wants. Unlike traditional industrial robots, cobots are designed to work hand in hand with humans. They take on repetitive, unpleasant, dirty or risky tasks.

Why We Need Robots

To enter the largest nuclear site in Europe, a visitor must wear construction suits, steel-tipped boots, a helmet and a locator device that sounds if the radiation levels are too high. Contamination can enter the body through any open wounds. It is as disturbing as it sounds, and no one will attempt the task of cleaning this site; but a robot will.

This is an important step in the delicate business of nuclear waste says Paul Mampilly. Technological evolution in engineering are allowing “cobots” to command these contaminated areas that human workers could never survive. Mampilly also notes that even in the worst of times, these type of stocks will magnificently perform because these cobots will be able to exceed what is humanly possible.

Paul Mampilly is the longtime editor of the widely popular newsletters Profits Unlimited, The $10 Million Portfolio and Rapid Profit Trader. He’s become a respected outlet for investors looking to grow their wealth. Mampilly is a 20+ year veteran in the finance industry with varied experience as an analyst, portfolio manager, hedge fund manager/trader, and Banyan Hill publisher.

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