A good education can be the basis of a great career if one is willing to make good use of what they learn. Paul Mampilly was able to build an incredible career from his education, despite his humble beginnings growing up in poverty in India. This didn’t stop Paul though because his family worked hard to make a better life for each other and he never stopped trying to succeed. Paul focused on his education for many years until he finally graduated from Fordham University with a masters degree. This degree opened up many opportunities for Paul, including a position at Bankers Trust as a manager for company portfolios.

This was just the tip of the iceberg for Paul Mampilly and he was privileged to various other high positions over the years in the financial world. Despite the positions that Paul was able to get, he was not happy with how fast was changing and growing, especially as the level of inequality rose. Rather than sitting around working to help rich people become even richer while others are out there struggling to even get started, Paul Mampilly decided he wanted to do something different. This was when Paul decided to step back from Wall Street and spend more time with his family while taking no his working position at Banyan Hill Publishing.

In his new position as an editor and expert financial advisor, Paul can help the average investor make the most out of their money and learn investment strategy for the future. Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly has garnered the attention of tens of thousands of men and women looking to make it in the financial industry. His weekly newsletter is one of the most frequented on the Banyan Hill platform. He doesn’t give anyone the work around and try to sugar coat any of his information. Instead, he shares his knowledge in as simple terms as he can to help everyone stay on the same page and apply his investment strategies with ease.