Betsy DeVos is an American entrepreneur who believes that the people of her nation deserve a lot better when it comes to educational opportunities. There have been many politicians and business leaders who have talked about working to make changes, but not many of them have sacrificed anything to help see those changes come about. This is where DeVos stands apart from the rest because she has given up a lot of her own time and money to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.


Betsy DeVos is politically a Republican, but this doesn’t mean that she only works with Republicans. She has always been open to working with anyone who approves of educational choice, and if they don’t, she is open to convincing them of the merits of it. Educational choice allows tax dollars to be used to pay for the costs of charter and private schools. This means that many American students would have plenty more opportunities for where they can get an education if more legislation supporting them would be passed.


Betsy DeVos has never minded getting down into the trenches to fight for Americans’ rights. She believes that a lot of grassroots efforts to push through important educational legislation has been effective. She also pointed out, in an interview, that Democratic leaders have been showing a growing interest in educational choice programs. She also commented that Democrats have been the ones who have sponsored educational choice legislation in Louisiana.


Betsy DeVos continues to surprise people by the level of her dedication to the students of her country. She now serves the nation as its educational secretary and immediately went on a tour of schools in Florida and Washington D.C. after being confirmed in. After this, she appeared at a charter school with the rapper Pitbull. This took many people aback as Pitbull’s rap music is loaded with cursing and misogynistic themes. The reason she joined him was because he has started up three different charter schools, and she wanted to support them.


At the end of the day, Betsy DeVos is hoping to change the minds of Americans. She believes that it is about time that the notion of having to attend a specific building to get an education is ended. With digital learning options, charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling as alternative options to public schooling, she is hoping that more people and politicians will soon see the many benefits that educational choice has to offer.


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