The name Deirdre Baggot is widely recognized in the medical community as the voice of patient care advocacy. She has championed a move to bundle medical payments together as a method to decrease the financial burden on those who do not have the means to pay an entire medical bill at once. Throughout her career, Deirdre Baggot has worked with over 200 hospitals in providing bundle payments and better patient outcomes. This has led to win-win situations where patients get the high-quality service they deserve with reasonable payments and medical facilities initially save money by cutting administrative and legal costs. We recently sat down with Deirdre Baggot in order to learn a little more about this incredible woman. Keep up to date ECGMC Thought Leadership

What is one of your methods still in use today?

The checklist, says Dr. Baggot. She mentions that in 1998 when she was first starting her career, one of the most frustrating situations was when a patient came in extremely sick and she had to do various tests to determine the illness. Understanding that there had to be a better way, Deidre Baggot would create the checklist, a list specific to symptoms that if followed would decrease the number of tests and get the patient the proper treatment as quickly as possible.

What is your typical day to day?

Unfortunately, I’ve been running from meeting to meeting for the past 15 years, says Dr.Baggot. However, she has recently started to decline any meetings that do not concern her or require her attendance in order to focus on the important issues in her life.

How are your ideas formulated?

Baggot states that her method to coming up and executing her ideas first begin by reading and researching the topic, then she will introduce it to smarter people in order to get feedback and or improve any areas of weakness. Visit: