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Mike Nierenberg is an American Investor and respected entrepreneur. He is the president and the CEO of New Residential Investment Corps. His vast experience enables him to outwit other real estate investors. In course of his career, he has shown dedication and determination to achieve limitless possibilities. Mike Nierenberg has compelling power for himself. His … Read more

Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group LLC back in 1998. Since 1998 he has been a member of the Management Committee of Fortress. Back in November of 2006 Randal Nardone was put on the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group LLC. From December 2011 to July 2013 his position was interim Chief Executive Officer. … Read more

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon with offices in Austin Texas and New York City. She is also a mother of twin boys, which are often featured on her Instagram account. Dr. Walden owns and operates medspas in Austin and NYC, where she sees male and female patients for a variety of plastic surgeries. … Read more

 Gustavo Martinez has excellent experience in the marketing and advertising industry that spans 35 years. Within this period, he had been at the helm of many crucial business entities and has overseen the creating of notable ads that have become trailblazers in the pop culture. Gustavo was the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, the … Read more

If you are on the lookout for a reliable firm or professional with great expertise in investment, then check out Peter Briger and the team at Fortress Investment Group. Perhaps you want to learn how things work in the investment or asset management arena. Maybe you are ready to get involved in the industry and … Read more

It’s in the bag! In recent years, the controversial plastic shopping bag has been a hot topic among shoppers and environmentalists. Several states have jumped on the bandwagon, banning the single use free bags provided by grocers and retailers. Within these states, each city has its own ordinance governing the plastic bag movement. The cat’s … Read more

A new company that might become the next Uber or Airbnb has diminishing chances of coming into being in today’s climate of oppressive monopolies in the high tech sector that are crushing competition before “the little guy” can gain traction with a new idea. That’s the opinion of the legendary super angel investor Shervin Pishevar, … Read more

Throughout recent time, financial analysts like Cassio Audi know that the biggest country in South America (Brazil) has endured tumultuous times regarding capital gains; At most, the markets have risen 7.5%. In response to these slumping gains, the federal bank of Brazil has decided to raise interest rates from a paltry 7.25% to a more … Read more

In 1953 Serge Belamant was born in Tulle, France. During the age of 14, his family emigrated to South Africa and during the transition between continents Serge had to learn to read and write English. Once he mastered the language, Serge was enrolled in Highlands North Boys’ High School in Johannesburg. Visit–/salary/90428 Serge Belamant … Read more