Richard Liu grew from his brick and mortar stores that he started in China in the late 90s. However, it was hard for him to keep his stores open when smog became such an issue in the country. No one wanted to go to the store anymore, and he has to do something to make the chain survive. He turned to the Internet, and it has produced one of the most interesting websites that people can shop on.

1. How Did This all Start?

Richard Liu started out with regular stores that he stocked with every product you could imagine. He knew that he could get people to come and shop with him because he was carrying every product that people could want. The environmental crisis in China caused his stores to dry up, and he had to change’s business model because there was no way to keep his tires open. He decided that he could use a website to sell from a huge catalog. The catalog that he has today is just as large as other massive shopping sites, and his site is very popular in Asia.

2. Who Can Shop On This Site?

Anyone could shop on this site, and it allows people to sign up for their account at any time. These shoppers will come to the site at any time of day or night to get what they want, and they often come to the site to fill up their shopping cart only to check out later. Richard knows that people often must think ahead, and his site offers deals based on what the customer has in their cart so that they have a better chance of finding what they need and saving money.

3. Conclusion

There are many people who shop with Richard Liu every day on his website, and has become one of the most important websites in the world. It is a massive market that has everything the customer could want, and it has outpaced the growth of many other companies as Richard hopes to bring in more customers every day.’s: Twitter