Throughout recent time, financial analysts like Cassio Audi know that the biggest country in South America (Brazil) has endured tumultuous times regarding capital gains; At most, the markets have risen 7.5%.

In response to these slumping gains, the federal bank of Brazil has decided to raise interest rates from a paltry 7.25% to a more robust 11%. For those who cannot take control of the various moves on the markets, turning to a financial specialist who has decades of experience like Cassio Audi is not an unwise move.


Cassio Audi has over twenty-three years of experience with bootstrap companies, public and private areas of money management, strategies, consultations, and Initial Public Offerings- the birth of a company’s stock on the market which can provide excellent opportunities to invest early. With a business degree in administration from Sao Paulo and later an investor at JP Morgan Chase, Cassio truly has the skills to pay the bills.