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What is it that makes a professional entrepreneur powerful, affluent and, most of all, a contributing member to his or her community and society as a whole? The best way to look at this is to reverse engineer the trends in the professional pool and then find a true diamond in the rough and Prodigy … Read more

Jason Halpern is a well-known real estate developer in New York. He is the owner of JMH Development, a leader in the property industry that was founded in 2010. The company has been able to develop both major commercial as well as residential properties in New York and other locations in the country. The innovative … Read more

Christanna Bevin is a leading project services manager with unparalleled experience and in-depth knowledge in project controls and management of commercial and administrative issues within the resource and construction industries. The talented, energetic, and results-oriented Christanna is also an authority in contract management and procurement. What makes Christanna the ideal candidate for project management jobs? … Read more

The Midas Legacy is a financial advisory company whose objective is to help clients realize their lifetime goals. The firm is based in Winter Garden, Florida. Its custom-made products and services mainly target investors and individuals who are out to enhance their money management skills and thus live more fulfilling lives. In addition, the company … Read more