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Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer of Innovacare Health. Recently, she was in a meeting with President Donald Trump to discuss matters of health care services in Puerto Rico. In this meeting which took place in the white house, the two discussed how they could improve health services for the people of Puerto Rico … Read more

Business owner, Clayton Hutson, founded a firm which manages, orchestrates, and produces concerts. Originally an audio engineer, Hutson transitioned within the music industry and began working with live music performances and was promoted to a project management. Following years of carefully honing his skills, Clayton Hudson decided to establish his own firm. Most typically, the … Read more

When it comes to genuinely expressing concern for the well-being of others, Adam Milstein is one such person who does that well enough. Today, many people know him as being a very successful real-estate investor and leader to the Jewish leader. Within the business aspect of his responsibilities, he upholds the title of being a … Read more

David McDonald developed an interest in agriculture when growing up in Iowa farm. The individual aspired to bring a substantial development in the food production process. Therefore, he undertook his studies at Iowa State University graduating with a bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1987. Although his family did not have substantial grounds concerning finance, … Read more

An independent attorney Michael Hagele acts as outside general counsel for a group of research, technology and development companies providing design and consulting services as well as firms offering electronic, biotechnology, internet and aerospace products. He invests in companies at their early age and has founded and funded a couple of firms in hospitality and … Read more

Logan Stout is a motivational speaker that has a passion for art and people. Being a former professional athlete, Stout knows what it takes to dedicate your time to developing teamwork with colleagues. After retiring, Logan wanted to reach out to working class citizens who made need a boost in their egos and hearts. Logan … Read more

Logan Stout’s lengthy career has enabled him to master the art of juggling multiple jobs at once and doing it well. He has many passions and areas of expertise which is reflected in his long list of accomplishments. Most recently, in May 2014, Logan launched IDLife, a company that focuses on health and wellness using … Read more

Brian has served for 34 years as a medical practitioner. Through his experience, he noticed that medical professionals undergo difficult times in discharging their mandates. As a result, he decided to come up with HCRC staffing agency. This establishment was to help all the medical practitioners to make their duties more convenient. Brian served as … Read more

Who Is OSI Group OSI Group is an American privately held company that provides food services globally. The goal of OSI Group is to make custom high-quality food products for various operations. OSI Group promotes consistency and a quality experience anywhere in the world. The company was founded in 1909 as Otto & Sons meat … Read more

People who know about Waiakea understand that they can increase the amount of consumption when it comes not only to their water, but water as a whole. One of the purposes behind Waiakea is to get people to consume more water. It is also to get people to make sure that they are consuming water … Read more