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It’s natural to have that inherent desire to lead a good life or somehow have your life all packed together. The fundamental source of this lifestyle is to either get employed or be self-employed. Well, in both are benefits, but after this satisfaction is achieved, the push to invest in profitable investment projects. New Residential … Read more

A good education can be the basis of a great career if one is willing to make good use of what they learn. Paul Mampilly was able to build an incredible career from his education, despite his humble beginnings growing up in poverty in India. This didn’t stop Paul though because his family worked hard … Read more

Paul Mampilly, Profits Unlimited editor, is making some interesting comments about the robotics industry. If there’s one thing Paul Mampilly has mastered it’s selecting potential investment opportunities, and he says the “cobots” or human-robot collaboration market is going to be massive. Mampilly Tells Investors To Listen Up In some of his latest Twitter feeds, Mampilly … Read more

Financial technology, fine tech, and energy companies are some of the best performing market trends in 2018 according to Paul Mampilly. These are the best stocks to invest because they generate above-average returns. The financial technology category involves artificial intelligence systems and mobile payment firms. Market analysts and investors use artificial intelligence technology to study … Read more

Fortress Investment Group LLC is one of the leading investment groups. One of the many strengths of Fortress Investment Group is there diversified portfolio of investment options. Founded over 20 years ago they continually are yielding high returns for their clients, a number of over 1700 institutional clients as well as private investors across the … Read more

Few people understand what social security is or how it can help you during retirement. During the Great Depression, the United States passed a series of laws that would allow people financial assistance as they age on Ideamensch. Few people actually save up for retirement, so the government mandates that people pay into the system … Read more