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An independent attorney Michael Hagele acts as outside general counsel for a group of research, technology and development companies providing design and consulting services as well as firms offering electronic, biotechnology, internet and aerospace products. He invests in companies at their early age and has founded and funded a couple of firms in hospitality and … Read more

If you are dealing with a business law issue or a dispute with a business associate or partner, you definitely need to talk to a good lawyer. There are many lawyers out there to choose from but it is extremely important to do your research before choosing someone. In Brazil, you will find lawyers offering … Read more

I have learned a lot since I started investing with Laidlaw & Company, and I know for sure that I am able to do better because of what I have learned from the people at Laidlaw & Company. I got to talk to James Ahern first, and then I was able to learn more when he sent me over to a broker. That means that I have someone to talk to about my investments, and I know that I can lean on them when I need information. It is a much easier process for me, and it makes me feel like I am doing the right things. I am going to make a lot more money like this because the Laidlaw & Company broker (Matthew Eitner) is showing me how to get better results no matter what the plan is. That means that I have more than one account to use because one of them is for the cash that I have coming right now while I have another one that is just for retirement. I have been very diverse, and it feels nice to know that I have done these things the right way. I am happy with my investments, and I know that my broker has my back. I feel really good about this because it is a nice way to get ready to invest without having to know everything when you show up. I got to talk to my broker at Laidlaw & Company, and then I got to learn things as I asked questions. It has been very hard to invest in other places, but now I have all that I need now that I am going to be able to manage my own accounts at Laidlaw & Company. I have a great broker, and he has taught me a lot. Source:

Frans Schoeman is one of the prominent personalities in South Africa’s Legal fraternity. The South African’s lawyer has immensely dedicated himself to helping people embroiled in legal disputes to seek a solution and legal advice on the issues affecting them. The road to prominence for Frans Schoeman has not been an easy one. Like any … Read more