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David McDonald developed an interest in agriculture when growing up in Iowa farm. The individual aspired to bring a substantial development in the food production process. Therefore, he undertook his studies at Iowa State University graduating with a bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1987. Although his family did not have substantial grounds concerning finance, … Read more

David McDonald has been directly involved with the growth at OSI Group since he became the COO. He supervised several different mergers that were designed to put OSI in the front of the food manufacturing industry. Turi Foods is the most recent merger transaction conducted by McDonald. Turi Foods is an Australian-based company that operates … Read more

David McDonald,the President of OSI Group Company. Founded in 1909, with its headquarters in Aurora Illinois, OSI Group Company is involved in the supply of value added food products. Such products include pizza, sandwiches to all other retail food brands across the world. OSI is involved in the supply chain management of food from sourcing … Read more

The journey for the OSI Group began in 1909 in Oak Park, Chicago on the West Side. This was the humble beginnings of German American immigrants. Otto Kolschowsky, a German-immigrant, lived in a community in Chicago, Illinois. In two years after his arrival to the United States, Otto Kolschowsky started a small meat market and … Read more

Who Is OSI Group OSI Group is an American privately held company that provides food services globally. The goal of OSI Group is to make custom high-quality food products for various operations. OSI Group promotes consistency and a quality experience anywhere in the world. The company was founded in 1909 as Otto & Sons meat … Read more

Careers at OSI Group Working at OSI Group has many benefits. Their belief system is that without their employees, there would be no OSI Group. Their employees are the backbone of the company in helping the company succeed as a leader in the food service business. OSI Group fosters an environment that challenges, their employees … Read more

OSI Group, an American company situated in the state of Illinois, recently acquired Baho Food company. Their aim is to increase their production of food services and retail industries in Europe. The deal is set to merge both companies into one including their employees. OSI Group Awards In the recent past, OSI group has been … Read more