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Logan Stout is a motivational speaker that has a passion for art and people. Being a former professional athlete, Stout knows what it takes to dedicate your time to developing teamwork with colleagues. After retiring, Logan wanted to reach out to working class citizens who made need a boost in their egos and hearts. Logan … Read more

Logan Stout’s lengthy career has enabled him to master the art of juggling multiple jobs at once and doing it well. He has many passions and areas of expertise which is reflected in his long list of accomplishments. Most recently, in May 2014, Logan launched IDLife, a company that focuses on health and wellness using … Read more

The 2016 Presidential Election served as a stark reminder that things are always changing in the political world of the United States of America. Sometimes, those changes are more stark and damaging than at other times. The election of Donald Trump and the corresponding rise of the vulgar political climate has turned everything, seemingly, on … Read more