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Dr. David Samadi understands some of the complex forms of cancer that are affecting people in the modern society. The doctor is currently living in the United States, but he has helped to cure people from all over the world. His expertise in urology has given him an upper hand when dealing with cancers that … Read more

Some women truly shatter the glass ceiling and deserve awards that recognize them for this great feat. Statesman News recently released an article covering Dr. Jennifer Walden’s nomination as Woman of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The competition runs from March 23 to June 4 as the candidates race to receive donations … Read more

When one is considering plastic surgery, the most pressing issue that comes to mind is finding a reputable, safe, and sought-after doctor. Patients want what is best for them when undergoing procedures that could be dangerous if performed by the wrong person and going into a consultation or surgery should be approached with a clear … Read more