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Many technology companies makeup the NYC’s real estate landscape, including massively business oriented Citigroup, Metlife, Morgan Stanley and many more. Each has a specific audience and some businesses are involved with one another to explore and widen their networks. Since 2000, tech activities have been increasing rapidly on a regular basis despite the two recessions. … Read more

Chicago Illinois is home to some of the most prominent business leaders in the country. They offer a wide variety of business services in a variety of sectors; from financial services, to technology to construction and more. Chicago businesses are headed by some of the countries most sought after business professionals around. And now, with … Read more

Ken Griffin is a reliable professional, who has managed to touch on different business areas and has been able to get invaluable information that has helped to shape his life. He is among different professionals who have been instrumental in ensuring different business models are implemented to help transform the business world. Apart from running … Read more

James Dondero is a very successful individual who holds the title of Co-founder as well as President over the Highland Capital Management company. Dondero has many years of experience and has gained tenure and respect from both the business and financial communities. James Dondero has always had an interest in Finance and Business, getting his … Read more

Taking on large companies in their own backyard is always a daunting task but Slyce isn’t backing down as it works on giving every retailer the benefit of product recognition technology. Slyce is an emerging company that has harnessed the power of visual search and recognition software and offers retailers better benefits than Amazon’s Flow. … Read more

It’s no surprise that Europe is experiencing an incredible influx of migrants, but European countries were unprepared for the logistical, economic and humanitarian consequences that are unfolding on the continent and around the world. Mr. Ken Griffin, the CEO of the hedge fund investment company, Citadel LLC thinks investors have an opportunity to make the … Read more

FreedomPop, the innovative mobile phone carrier that has changed the game in the mobile industry, will be coming soon to the United Kingdom. In a recently published article on, the company’s founder explains the details of the expansion. The news has generated a lot of buzz already. Backed by venture capital, FreedomPop is preparing … Read more