Dubai is famous for its elegant skyscrapers, bustling as well as glittering real estate industry. Hussain Sajwani is one of the first few urban dwellers to notice that the city had the potential for growth. He is also one of those who made the investment to benefit from this fast-growing city. Unlike many other wealthy people out there, Hussain’s childhood life was not a bed of roses. He actually comes from a humble background.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, comes from a middle class but hardworking as well as conservative family. He was born in the year 1953. He experienced a plethora of challenges at the company of his parents. He witnessed his father and mother work extremely hard to raise money to take care of the family.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, started working when he was just three years of age. He used to sell watches and pens at the family shop. However, his real professional life started after graduating with a degree in economics. His first workplace after graduation was GASCO where he worked as the contract manager. In the year 1982, Hussain decided to start a catering business. Nowadays, it dominates over 200 projects.

After some time, Hussain Sajwani decided to invest in the Real Estate industry. This is actually where he made a great deal of money. He is the owner of DAMAC Properties, a firm that deals with the real estate industry. After careful investigation, Hussain realized that the future of the Real Estate industry in Dubai was bright. Therefore, he decided to start real estate property Development Company in the year 2002.

One of his first projects in property and real estate industry was actually a luxury residential structure that has 38 stories high. The funny thing is that the project became famous even before the construction process started. After the completion of the project, all units were sold out. The project encouraged and motivated him to work harder for the good of his DAMAC Properties.

More about Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani was born and raised in UAE. He is the founder as well as the chairman of the DAMAC Properties. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the famous University of Washington. He began his career at the GASCO where he worked as the contract manager. He started his own catering venture in the year 1982.

Matt Badiali has traveled the world as a geologist. He has a PhD in Sedimentary Geology. He has also had the opportunity to discuss business and finance will some of the best people in the world. Through this combination of work, he has discovered Freedom Checks. Recent attention has been paid to the new tax structure affecting corporations this year, and investors are looking for ways to make that system work for them. Freedom Checks are the best way to take advantage of the tax code. Certain companies can be registered as MLPs. For that to happen, these companies have to be involved in the energy sector. That can take shape in many forms, but there are only 568 companies currently issuing Freedom Checks. Another requirement of MLPs is that they must pass on at least 90% of their profits to investors. That means investors must receive the overwhelming majority of the companies’ earnings.

Freedom Check investors also have the advantage of being able to claim their investment tax free. When the investor wants to sell their shares in the company, they can also do that at a much lower tax rate than a traditional stock. Investors can buy and sell Freedom Checks just as easily as stocks, and they can receive their checks in the mail. The checks can be received monthly or one every quarter. Matt Badiali has seen stocks from these companies go up by as much as 4,000%. Matt Badiali knows that many of these “to good to be true” investment schemes have not worked in the past, and it has made people reticent to make these types of investments. Matt Badiali’s history in the energy sector and his knowledge of the financial sector make him a trusted voice, and he has seen first-hand how profitable Freedom Checks can be.

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Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group which is a food processing company with its headquarters in Chicago. The company was established in 1909 by an immigrant from Germany and named Otto & Sons. it survived the first and the second world war and in 1955 was selected to McDonalds Ground beef supplier. McDonald’s was still a young company just beginning to expand through selling franchises in different parts of the country. This partnership was great for OSI group as McDonald’s expanded really fast and soon the company required to build one facility that would only supply them.

It was while they were looking to expand and build the facility dedicated to McDonald that they came into contact with Sheldon Lavin who at the time ran a financial consulting firm. He says that he saw promise in the company and got them the funding that they needed. The company quickly expanded and in 1975 he joined the company and it changed its name to OSI Group. He was able to guide the company and make it even more profitable. OSI Group expanded into Latin America in 1982 than in 1993 they entered the European market with a facility in Hungary.

The company has expanded through partnerships, acquisitions and joint ventures since Sheldon Lavin became part of its leadership. They established joint ventures in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China. They also acquired Moy Park in the United Kingdom, Amick Farms in the United States and Baho Foods in Denmark. The company has also established facilities in China, Japan, and Spain. The company has established a number of Culinary centers where they engage in food research and development with the plan to produce the very best for clients.

Even with the success, the company has gained through expansion the company under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership is intent on using methods that ensure food sustainability. He has ensured that decisions made by the company management are guided by sustainability. The company has received a number of awards in recognition of their sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon is 86 years old. He attended the Roosevelt University for his business degree. He supports the Sheba Foundation among other charitable organizations.

About Sheldon Lavin:

A good education can be the basis of a great career if one is willing to make good use of what they learn. Paul Mampilly was able to build an incredible career from his education, despite his humble beginnings growing up in poverty in India. This didn’t stop Paul though because his family worked hard to make a better life for each other and he never stopped trying to succeed. Paul focused on his education for many years until he finally graduated from Fordham University with a masters degree. This degree opened up many opportunities for Paul, including a position at Bankers Trust as a manager for company portfolios.

This was just the tip of the iceberg for Paul Mampilly and he was privileged to various other high positions over the years in the financial world. Despite the positions that Paul was able to get, he was not happy with how fast was changing and growing, especially as the level of inequality rose. Rather than sitting around working to help rich people become even richer while others are out there struggling to even get started, Paul Mampilly decided he wanted to do something different. This was when Paul decided to step back from Wall Street and spend more time with his family while taking no his working position at Banyan Hill Publishing.

In his new position as an editor and expert financial advisor, Paul can help the average investor make the most out of their money and learn investment strategy for the future. Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly has garnered the attention of tens of thousands of men and women looking to make it in the financial industry. His weekly newsletter is one of the most frequented on the Banyan Hill platform. He doesn’t give anyone the work around and try to sugar coat any of his information. Instead, he shares his knowledge in as simple terms as he can to help everyone stay on the same page and apply his investment strategies with ease.

You know that feeling of excitement and anticipation when you’re sitting in a dark theater, waiting for your movie to start, munching on over buttered popcorn, while watching a gazillion movie trailers, and you see one that trailer that you instantly say to yourself, “I gotta see that one!”. Well that’s what happened when I saw the previews for Rebel Wilson’s new movie, “Isn’t It Romantic”. Read more: Stunning Transformation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

My girlfriends and I were on a Girl’s Night Out movie night and I instantly perked up in my seat when I saw Rebel Wilson on the big screen when the trailer started. After the trailer, I saw that we were all leaning forward in our seats to tell each other that yup, this was one for the books for another Girl’s Night Out.

I remember seeing Rebel Wilson for the first time in the movie “Bridesmaids”. She was playing “Brynn”, Kristen Wiig’s roommate in the movie and she was absolutely HILARIOUS! I had never seen her before and wondered who she was to the point that I had to watch the credits at the end of the movie to find out what her name was. And I never stay for the credits!

When the “Pitch Perfect” movies came out, I was hooked. Whenever I’ve seen Rebel Wilson, she really does steal the show, which is one of the reasons why “Isn’t It Romantic” is a must see for me. There’s bound to be comedic banter between Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

The two of them alone in “Pitch Perfect” made my stomach cramp from laughter. Hilarity ensues when the two of them are on the screen together. Add in the hunky Liam Hemsworth and the beautiful Priyanka Chopra, it’s the making for the perfect Girl’s Night Out or even a Valentine’s date with your significant other.

The story line itself for “Isn’t It Romantic” is different and out of the box which is a nice twist for the romcom genre which tends to recycle the same stories from movie to movie. But this one stands out on its own in more ways than one.

Rebel Wilson plays Natalie, an architect in New York who is a cynic when it comes to finding love. She finds herself getting knocked unconscious after being mugged and when she wakes up, she’s stuck in a PG-13 romcom! Oh, the creativity of Erin Cardillo and Dana Fox when they were writing the screenplay for this one!

Did you know that our bodies are full of chemical agents? Yes, this is 100 percent true, and the majority of these agents come from food. Today’s food is laced with an abundance of chemical fillers, and everything that we put on our skin gets absorbed into the body. One of the best things a person can do is to take part in a cleanse. Of course, all cleanses aren’t created equal, but there’s one brand that provides everything that you would want in a cleanser. Dherbs is the brand of choice, and it has been producing top-tier cleanses for the past 14 years.


This particular company was founded by A.D. Dolphin, and this man is one of the top health gurus in America. A.D. just so happens to be the grandson of John Dolphin, a prominent music mogul. “Over 90 percent of all diseases today are diet-related,” said Dolphin. sells a number of cleanses, and these cleanses will remove a high amount toxins from the body. Dolphin got into the art of cleansing from a friend. The act of ridding the body of dangerous toxins was captivating for Dolphin, and he set out on a mission to produce the very best in the business. offers a variety of cleanses, including the 10-day cleanse, Full-Body Cleanse, Pancreas Cleanse, Nerve Cleanse and others.

These products are made from natural ingredients instead of man-made preservatives. “I’m obsessed with my work, and I’ll always see it through to the end,” said Dolphin. Dherbs is a one-stop shop for all things nutritional. The company’s official website is loaded with resourceful material that people can use to better themselves. All in all, Dherbs is at the top of its game because it’s changing the status quo via organic cleansing.

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Wall Street is where money is made and lost. Financial guru Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street for 20 plus years and was very successful. Now he’s on to greener pastures with his investment newsletter called Profits Unlimited. It all happened several years ago when he joined independent publishing firm Banyan Hill Publishing. Since then, it has grown tremendously gaining over 90,000 subscribers.Paul Mampilly has lots of great information, best investment tips, and recommendations in his newsletter that have helped people tremendously. Financial gains regularly are at two to three digits with a lot of happy subscribers on the other end. Since Paul watches the trends, he knows what is good to invest in and what is not.

The latest recommendations is precision medicine. This rapidly growing industry is going to change the face of medicine and how we look treatment. Paul Mampilly described that in the history of our world, it is going to be the biggest breakthrough in the medical industry. What is precision medicine exactly? It is exactly what is says, it’s medical treatment that is precise. To break it down even further, doctors will be able to use each individual’s DNA to diagnose, prevent, and treat patients more accurately than ever.This will certainly extent people lives and so much more. Doctors will be able to see everything about patient’s history, including their family’s, and their DNA to care for them properly.

Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street for over 20 years, but he also attended university back in his youth. He earned a Master of Business Administration degree in finance from the Fordham Graduate School of Business.Mr. Mampilly previously attended Montclair State University where he achieved a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting and finance.When it comes to financial institutions that Paul Mampilly worked for on Wall Street, there was many. He worked at Kinetics Asset Management to effortlessly manage their hedge fund. With precision and masterful technique, Paul grew it into a $25 billion dollar fund. He also worked for ING and Deutsche Bank in the beginning of his career. During his working career, Paul has gained the respect from the financial community.

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Alastair Borthwick, the Scottish literary legend, is revered for more than his depictions of early 20th Century sporting activities of Glaswegian working class families. He’s also remembered for his first person, brilliantly engaging accounts of his time at war through fictional conduit personalities.

His reminiscient 1939 memoir, “A Little Further“, explores the growing adulation for nountaineering and hiking amongst those living on Glassgow’s east-end. According to his accounts, when the populpace wasn’t busy etching out as much prosperity as they could muster in volatile economic times, they found peace and solace through weekend excursions. Capturing such a unique, niche piece of history is what sets Alastair Borthwick apart from others of his time and beyond. The book is still available under a few publishing houses including Faber & Faber, Diadem Books, and Eneas MacKay. The book is a classic that has spawned a genre of novels revolving around rural athletics.

For example, “The Undiscovered Scotland: The second of W.H. Murray’s great classics of mountain literature” by W.H. Murray, is a personal recount of the author’s grueling adventures camping across Clachaig Gully, Observatory Ridge, Glencoe, and the near death event of Falloch. Eric Shipton’s “Mountains of Tartary: Mountaineering and exploration in northern and central Asia in the 1950s” is an exloratory tale about climbing in northern and central Asian mountain regions and the valuable lessons learned focusing on human nature.

Perhaps one of the most pivotal times for Alastair Borthwick was his service as Lieutenant for the 5th Seaforth Highlanders. Born from this experience was one of the best books regarding the details of military history. Although the book mixes fiction with non-fiction, the book’s efficacy is under no discount. Critically acclaimed to this day, the manuscript is available. Some copies have fetched up to $500 online. He enjoyed a long career as a writer and media broadcaster.

Paul Mampilly, Profits Unlimited editor, is making some interesting comments about the robotics industry. If there’s one thing Paul Mampilly has mastered it’s selecting potential investment opportunities, and he says the “cobots” or human-robot collaboration market is going to be massive.

Mampilly Tells Investors To Listen Up

In some of his latest Twitter feeds, Mampilly has brought attention to the robotics market. He’s speculates that the market is in for “incredible gains.” Beyond a few dips here and there, robotic stocks have realized an overall gain in the last year. Some of the more popular stocks include ROBO Global Robotics and Automation Index ETF, IRBO by BlackRock, iShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETF, and iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Technology ETF.

Sometimes, people have trouble processing new information that’s a bit out of their comfort zone, but as Paul Mampilly points out, shrewd investors see the potential in the robotics industry. Some people see robots as a threat to their jobs, but there are jobs that no human being wants. Unlike traditional industrial robots, cobots are designed to work hand in hand with humans. They take on repetitive, unpleasant, dirty or risky tasks.

Why We Need Robots

To enter the largest nuclear site in Europe, a visitor must wear construction suits, steel-tipped boots, a helmet and a locator device that sounds if the radiation levels are too high. Contamination can enter the body through any open wounds. It is as disturbing as it sounds, and no one will attempt the task of cleaning this site; but a robot will.

This is an important step in the delicate business of nuclear waste says Paul Mampilly. Technological evolution in engineering are allowing “cobots” to command these contaminated areas that human workers could never survive. Mampilly also notes that even in the worst of times, these type of stocks will magnificently perform because these cobots will be able to exceed what is humanly possible.

Paul Mampilly is the longtime editor of the widely popular newsletters Profits Unlimited, The $10 Million Portfolio and Rapid Profit Trader. He’s become a respected outlet for investors looking to grow their wealth. Mampilly is a 20+ year veteran in the finance industry with varied experience as an analyst, portfolio manager, hedge fund manager/trader, and Banyan Hill publisher.

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Business owner, Clayton Hutson, founded a firm which manages, orchestrates, and produces concerts. Originally an audio engineer, Hutson transitioned within the music industry and began working with live music performances and was promoted to a project management. Following years of carefully honing his skills, Clayton Hudson decided to establish his own firm.

Most typically, the type of concerts Hutson works on are rock concerts. In fact, Clay Hutson is proud to have worked with several popular acts including Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. While each of these acts has its own specific set of complex showmanship techniques, Pink is well-known for an exceptionally thrilling show which often includes stunts requiring great athletics such as her acrobatic silks routines which have to be meticulously measured and strung in order to allow for flawless performance of death-defying acts. Guns N’ Roses continues to play sold out show to highly packed arenas of thousands upon thousands. Kid Rock concerts are no easy feat, either. He utilizes highly skilled pyrotechnical engineers, plus features a stage which is filled with everything from a fire-breather to walkers on stilts, a juggler, dancers, and more, all of which require highly skilled stage management.

A typical workday for Clayton Hutson is off to a swift start before 7am. He aims to be the first person to arrive wherever the musical performance will be located. Most often, he begins by walking and analyzing the area to get a solid feel for the space. From there Hutson hits the paperwork as he carefully reviews his schedule and creates a fresh to-do list for the day, then he organizes the way that the equipment and materials will be arranged. Even while the artist is performing Hutson is orchestrating exactly how to break down everything and delegating specific tasks to each member of the crew. As a unit the employees have worked together with Hutson to determine the most efficient way to set up so that breaking each show down is done with a high level of efficiency. A daily tip Clayton Hutson uses is finding inspiration in quotes from the greats such as Thomas Jefferson, Vince Lombardi, and W.C. Fields.