Paul Mampilly, Profits Unlimited editor, is making some interesting comments about the robotics industry. If there’s one thing Paul Mampilly has mastered it’s selecting potential investment opportunities, and he says the “cobots” or human-robot collaboration market is going to be massive.

Mampilly Tells Investors To Listen Up

In some of his latest Twitter feeds, Mampilly has brought attention to the robotics market. He’s speculates that the market is in for “incredible gains.” Beyond a few dips here and there, robotic stocks have realized an overall gain in the last year. Some of the more popular stocks include ROBO Global Robotics and Automation Index ETF, IRBO by BlackRock, iShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETF, and iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Technology ETF.

Sometimes, people have trouble processing new information that’s a bit out of their comfort zone, but as Paul Mampilly points out, shrewd investors see the potential in the robotics industry. Some people see robots as a threat to their jobs, but there are jobs that no human being wants. Unlike traditional industrial robots, cobots are designed to work hand in hand with humans. They take on repetitive, unpleasant, dirty or risky tasks.

Why We Need Robots

To enter the largest nuclear site in Europe, a visitor must wear construction suits, steel-tipped boots, a helmet and a locator device that sounds if the radiation levels are too high. Contamination can enter the body through any open wounds. It is as disturbing as it sounds, and no one will attempt the task of cleaning this site; but a robot will.

This is an important step in the delicate business of nuclear waste says Paul Mampilly. Technological evolution in engineering are allowing “cobots” to command these contaminated areas that human workers could never survive. Mampilly also notes that even in the worst of times, these type of stocks will magnificently perform because these cobots will be able to exceed what is humanly possible.

Paul Mampilly is the longtime editor of the widely popular newsletters Profits Unlimited, The $10 Million Portfolio and Rapid Profit Trader. He’s become a respected outlet for investors looking to grow their wealth. Mampilly is a 20+ year veteran in the finance industry with varied experience as an analyst, portfolio manager, hedge fund manager/trader, and Banyan Hill publisher.

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OSI industries, an American privately owned company with a global presence, is one of the largest food suppliers in the world. The company runs its plants in the United States under the name OSI Industries, LLC. The company has various processing plants in the United States, which are located in Chicago, Oakland, West Jordan, Lowa, Fort Atkinson, California, and Utah among other locations. Over the years, OSI has experienced tremendous growth and development. Currently, the company manages over 65 processing facilities with a presence in more than 17 countries across the world.

OSI industries is well-known for the production of high-quality value-added protein foods. The company has many label brand foods under its name. OSI also co-packs other brand foods for its several retail clients and food service joints. The company produces a wide variety of foods including poultry products, hot dogs, pork and pork products, meat patties, doughnuts, and value-added vegetable products. OSI is a choice food provider for world leading brands like Starbucks, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s Pizza among many others.

OSI industries has continued to grow and expand. The company has made several acquisitions and buyouts to increase its global presence and satisfy its growing number of clients across the world. In 2016, OSI acquired a majority stake in Baho Foods, a privately owned Dutch food company. Baho foods had been a world-class meat processing company, which had made a name as a premier supplier of meat and other food products to retail outlets. At the time of acquisition, Baho Food operated major processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. The purchase gave OSI CONTROL OVER ALL Baho subsidiaries, which included Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, and Bakx Foods.

In another move aimed at increasing its presence in Europe, OSI acquired Flagship Europe, a subsidiary of the U.K based Flagship Food Group. The acquisition meant an increased presence in the U.K food market for OSI. Flagship Europe is a strategic acquisition, primarily due to its reputation as a provider of a wide range of innovative and quality products to a large market. Some of the popular products associated with Flagship Europe include mayonnaise, sandwich fillings, sauces and dressings, frozen poultry, and pies.

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Sometimes the tales of old bring so much vivid description to our minds that we can indeed get to experience the mind of an author through word seated comfortably while holding a mug of hot cocoa. We get to enjoy reading the lives of others who were brave and bold to go into the wild and tame it. In a post from Good Reads, it says that the books had so much life and character to them even with their aging covers and earthy smell which brings about the uniqueness of the text as well as the appreciation for the work done by the author. One such individual was Alastair Borthwick. Whenever a man opens up his chest to receive nature and all its glory, it leaves an impression on him, and that is what inspired his writings and those of others during this time. In this day and age where people are glued to their smartphones and do not leave home and wonder about the countryside in search for new sights Alastair Borthwick still is able to bring back the nostalgia. He was a renowned Scottish author as well as broadcaster whose texts recorded the enthusiasm that the working class had in climbing as a sport. He wrote from the perspective of a foot soldier during the Second World War.

Alastair Borthwick had his embers stroked when he was a writer for Open Air which was a segment in the Herald. It is from this point that he discovered the sport which until then was thought to be only for the wealthy. It was during this time that the middle-income earners hitchhiked north to feel the adrenaline rush by being one with nature. They slept in caves, camped under the open skies and enjoyed the scenery of it all. This and many more experiences where to lead him to write his first book which was released in 1939. His second book was influenced by his time in the army and was quite a captivating book to read. The world was a better place due to his books and brought delight to anyone that happened to be an avid reader. Get Borthwick’s Life Among the Scots here.


OSI Group began serving customers ten decades ago when it was operating under the name Otto &Sons. A young immigrant had just arrived in America, and he felt that starting a small butchery was going to help him to earn the income he desired so much. The small shop was found in Chicago, and most of his customers were immigrants from his homeland. His commitment is what made customers to believe in him, and they started to order huge qualities of meat. When the McDonald restaurant was opened several years ago, OSI Group managed to get a contract to become the official and only supplier of beef products to the organization. By this time, the customers in many cities had realized that the meat from the firm was better compared to those served by most restaurants, and this kept many people coming into the organization. McDonald assisted the company to get recognition in the local market.

In 1970, OSI Group started to experience some significant growth in most of operations. The institution changed its official name to OSI Industries, and this served as the best opportunity for the company to expand and start its operations in Utah. The success of the new branch motivated the company officials to consider opening and venturing into bigger market. The company introduced its services to Germany while supplying its products to McDonald. The expansion idea was also made better by Sheldon Lavin, a finance executive who had found his way to serve the company as the chief executive officer. The new leader was more interested in making the food company better, and he did all he could to venture into the new markets. To know more about the company click here.

Before the close of 1980, OSI Group, serving under capable and very experienced officials, found its say in Brazil, Taiwan, Spain and Australia. The organization also continued to increase its branches in the United States so that it could reach to all customers. The company sales department realized that more people were getting to stores and asking for meat products from the company, and this only meant that the food they were processing was not enough. Chicago residents were the first beneficiaries of the expansion because the institution opened a second facility in Chicago to make storage easier.

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Whitney Wolfe knows what it’s like to deal with the dating scene. She also knows what it’s like to deal with men who don’t want to let her express her creative freedom. She spent a lot of time coming up with solutions that might make dating apps work better, but she wasn’t able to execute any of them simply because she was a female in a male-dominated industry. She wanted to change that.

Since Whitney Wolfe knew she could do something to bring change, she pushed to create her own app. She left Tinder she worked for before and began developing her own app so she could make it easier for women to have a chance to really get into the online dating scene. By doing this, she made sure women didn’t have to suffer from dealing with men who they didn’t want to talk to on dating apps.

Read more: Whitney Wolfe Herd Has Big Plans for Bumble in 2019

The time Whitney Wolfe spent developing her app gave her a chance to see what women wanted and what they didn’t want. She also spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to market the app in a world that was dominated by men and apps that were difficult for people to deal with. Creating her own app made her want to help people and do things that could make the app dating opportunity better for all the women she worked with.

As long as Whitney Wolfe continues successfully running Bumble, women will have the chance to keep doing things the right way. Whitney Wolfe knew what it was like to make the app better and make things easier on women who wanted to change the dating industry. She also knew people would feel differently about all the things going on on the app dating world. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, more women than ever feel they have a chance to truly feel like they can enjoy app dating. The instances of harassment and other issues are far less on Bumble than they are on any of the other dating platforms available for women to use.

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Corporate taxes have proved to be one of the main reasons as to why organizations have not been able to grow and achieve their goals in the industry. It is also the reason as to why most of the organizations in the United States have not been able to offer dividends to the investors who have channeled a significant amount of income to these companies. However, several investment opportunities around the business world don’t pay corporate taxes, which means that they have a tremendous amount of money that can be used in enhancing the operations of the company.Freedom Checks are an investment alternatives that attract resources from individuals so that they can invest their money with the sole aim of getting a tremendous amount of money.

These great investment plans have been encouraging individuals to invest in these plans so that they can be able to fund the operations of local organizations that have been investing heavily in oil and gas exploration sector. People with their money can fund these entities so that they can able to provide the necessary natural resources to support the operations of local companies.Freedom Checks are better investment programs that those people with money can consider as they will not be paying taxes as they are required to pay in other forms of investments available in the country. Companies that operate under Freedom Checks investment programs do not pay corporate taxes. This strategy means that the company saves much of the resources that it has accumulated.

The money saved by avoiding paying corporate taxes is divided and given as divided to other individuals, especially those who have significantly invested in the progress of the company.The other important aspect as to why investors should consider about Freedom Checks is that they invest in slow-growth sectors such as refining and pipelines. The slow-growth industries might be despised by a large number of individuals and investors, especially those who want their funds to be paid within a short period. However, there is an added advantage in this sector is that it generates a steady income that is difficult for investors to find in other types of investment programs available in the industry.


Matt Badiali is a successful businessman who has a lot of experience in the mining, energy and agricultural industry. He has been able to gain all these experience by working for various companies where he was able to serve in a lot of sectors including drilling rigs, owning oil wells and exploring abandoned mines. All these activities that he has participated in throughout his career have always been meant to make more profits from the natural resources. Apart from being an expert in geology, Matt Badiali also has numerous skills which include writing, carrying out business analysis, marketing, finance and also public speaking among many other skills.

Matt Badiali’s Early and Career Life

Matt has a rich educational background which includes earning a bachelor’s degree in Geological and Earth Sciences which is commonly referred to as Geosciences from Penn State University. Matt Badiali did not rest after acquiring his bachelor’s degree but instead, he joined the Florida Atlantic University where he pursued his master’s degree in Geology/Earth Science, General. While studying for his master’s degree he was able to focus on a paleo-beach ridge which is situated close to Lake Okeechobee. Even after getting his master’s degree, Matt’s thirst for information had not yet been fully quenched. That is why he also joined the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology.

Armed with his education in geoscience, Matt Badiali started career at Lemenze Environmental Drilling Company where he played the role of a geologist. While working for the company, he was able to create a new division within the company which entailed contacts of the client, proposal preparations, site visits and also environmental sampling. He has also joined the Stansberry & Associates where he was able to work as an analyst and geologist for more than a decade. While working for the Stanberry and Associates, he was also able to create the Stansberry Resource Report which turned out to be the most read natural resource investment publication all over the world. Matt Badiali is currently working as a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing.

At TMS Health Solutions, a clinical care facility based in various locations throughout Northern California, their focus is on always helping patients and potential patients to find ways to get through to their clinical depression. Clinical depression is a tough problem to deal with and it is made even more difficult thanks to the fact that so many people have trouble diagnosing it. Today, we are going to use the outline set forth by the team of professionals at TMS Health Solutions in order to figure out just what clinical depression is.

Clinical depression is a problem that afflicts roughly 4% of the United States at any given time and in truth, that percentage may be even higher thanks to a lack of proper reporting statistics. Clinical depression isn’t just feeling upset or down, it is a prevailing affliction that makes the very essence of life seem to dim and fade from our view. With that being said, clinical depression may not afflict two people in the exact same way, but there are generalities that are shared by all people suffering from clinical depression.


One of the most common symptoms of clinical depression, as described by the team of professionals at TMS Health Solutions, is the overwhelming sense of anhedonia. Anhedonia is just a creative way of describing our own lack of interest in the things that once held so much entertainment and joy for us. Consider someone who loves puppies being unable to feel joy when playing with one. Or consider a world-class athlete who suddenly doesn’t enjoy taking the field for their team. While anhedonia is the easiest symptom to diagnose, there truly are countless symptoms that can afflict people in wildly different ways.

At TMS Health Solutions, treating clinical depression is all about attacking the problem at its source: your brain. Clinical depression can pop up due to a variety of different factors, from traumatic life events to genetic reasons. At TMS, the practice of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is being put into use. This FDA-approved clinical therapy technique is non-invasive and can be performed at any TMS Health Solutions facility.

The human brain is an incredibly astounding organ. There has been a lot of progress over the last century in our ability to understand what it is but we are far from fully comprehending its every nuance. However, today thanks to Neurocore Brain Performance Centers we are now able to utilize new technology in order to train our brain. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Some of the new technology that has been developed as allowed scientists to map the brain and develop biofeedback technologies which allow you to see how your mind is affecting your body. Neurocore has used these technologies in order to develop protocols that will allow individuals to improve their symptoms from various mental disorders such as attention deficit disorder and depression. This marks a relatively unprecedented advancement in the psychiatric industry.

Thanks to the help from several generations worth of scientists today it is possible for us to intervene in a patient’s life without the use of psychiatric medication and improve their overall mental health. In patients with depression, there is typically an increased amount of alpha wave activity. With this in mind, the brilliant scientists at Neurocore have been able to develop a program that allows users to use biofeedback in order to treat their depression without medication. In this program, patients are able to train their brains to overcome the severe symptoms that they are experiencing and occasionally overcome the disorder entirely. At the beginning of the process, there is a comprehensive assessment that is used in order to map the patient’s brain. By the end of the process which is held over 30 sessions over half of the users no longer met the criteria to be diagnosed as depressed and nearly 85% of the users experienced a significant reduction in their symptoms of depression.


Neurocore has been around for 14 years and in this time it has become one of the leading figures in the industry of neuroscience. They have been able to help patients with a vast array of pathologies and have even been able to professional athletes gain better control of themselves and improve their performance on the field. Read more about Neurocore at

Rather than just the intestinal tract, some supplements like the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse are designed to flush out toxins from the whole body. To maintain the results, it is advisable to access the treatment as a subscription although there is also a one-time transaction option.

About the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse

We all need nutritional supplements whether we are practicing the best possible dietary habits. Due to presence of potentially disease causing microbes in almost every food we ingest, our bodies slow down over time. This mostly happens because of accumulation of toxins in the various parts of the body. It is however normal for the body to accumulate such elements due to the general lifestyle adopted by people presently. During these periods, our bodies are exposed to a myriad of illnesses.

Stepping off fast foods might not be easy. It is neither easy to keep the body naturally free of disease causing elements. The Full Body Cleanse from Dherbs is formulated to relieve you of the stress of toxin build-up. The dosage involves 20 days of use. There are a hundred capsules in each bottle of the supplement, making sure you never skip a dose. Information online does not however provide sufficient information on the number of capsules one should take daily. Fortunately for the user, the package contains all the dosage information the user would need. Visit Dherbs on facebook to learn more.

The reason why there is so much hype about Dherbs full body cleanse formula is because unlike a majority of other cleansing products who focus on the gut alone, it focuses on each organ of the body. This way, the user can have their whole body go back to normal functioning by using the Dherbs cleansing formula alone. According to the manufacturer, if the treatment is followed to the latter, it can actually lead to:

  • Loss of up to 30lbs of weight in just three weeks
  • Rejuvenation of the immune system to fight disease-causing microbes
  • Balancing of the skin complexion throughout the body
  • Resolves anger-management issues and disposition
  • Better cognition levels
  • A reduced appetite
  • An improved sex drive
  • Better blood circulation
  • Greater energy levels
  • Balanced bodily functions