The name Deirdre Baggot is widely recognized in the medical community as the voice of patient care advocacy. She has championed a move to bundle medical payments together as a method to decrease the financial burden on those who do not have the means to pay an entire medical bill at once. Throughout her career, Deirdre Baggot has worked with over 200 hospitals in providing bundle payments and better patient outcomes. This has led to win-win situations where patients get the high-quality service they deserve with reasonable payments and medical facilities initially save money by cutting administrative and legal costs. We recently sat down with Deirdre Baggot in order to learn a little more about this incredible woman. Keep up to date ECGMC Thought Leadership

What is one of your methods still in use today?

The checklist, says Dr. Baggot. She mentions that in 1998 when she was first starting her career, one of the most frustrating situations was when a patient came in extremely sick and she had to do various tests to determine the illness. Understanding that there had to be a better way, Deidre Baggot would create the checklist, a list specific to symptoms that if followed would decrease the number of tests and get the patient the proper treatment as quickly as possible.

What is your typical day to day?

Unfortunately, I’ve been running from meeting to meeting for the past 15 years, says Dr.Baggot. However, she has recently started to decline any meetings that do not concern her or require her attendance in order to focus on the important issues in her life.

How are your ideas formulated?

Baggot states that her method to coming up and executing her ideas first begin by reading and researching the topic, then she will introduce it to smarter people in order to get feedback and or improve any areas of weakness. Visit:


Betsy DeVos is an American entrepreneur who believes that the people of her nation deserve a lot better when it comes to educational opportunities. There have been many politicians and business leaders who have talked about working to make changes, but not many of them have sacrificed anything to help see those changes come about. This is where DeVos stands apart from the rest because she has given up a lot of her own time and money to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.


Betsy DeVos is politically a Republican, but this doesn’t mean that she only works with Republicans. She has always been open to working with anyone who approves of educational choice, and if they don’t, she is open to convincing them of the merits of it. Educational choice allows tax dollars to be used to pay for the costs of charter and private schools. This means that many American students would have plenty more opportunities for where they can get an education if more legislation supporting them would be passed.


Betsy DeVos has never minded getting down into the trenches to fight for Americans’ rights. She believes that a lot of grassroots efforts to push through important educational legislation has been effective. She also pointed out, in an interview, that Democratic leaders have been showing a growing interest in educational choice programs. She also commented that Democrats have been the ones who have sponsored educational choice legislation in Louisiana.


Betsy DeVos continues to surprise people by the level of her dedication to the students of her country. She now serves the nation as its educational secretary and immediately went on a tour of schools in Florida and Washington D.C. after being confirmed in. After this, she appeared at a charter school with the rapper Pitbull. This took many people aback as Pitbull’s rap music is loaded with cursing and misogynistic themes. The reason she joined him was because he has started up three different charter schools, and she wanted to support them.


At the end of the day, Betsy DeVos is hoping to change the minds of Americans. She believes that it is about time that the notion of having to attend a specific building to get an education is ended. With digital learning options, charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling as alternative options to public schooling, she is hoping that more people and politicians will soon see the many benefits that educational choice has to offer.


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Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer of Innovacare Health. Recently, she was in a meeting with President Donald Trump to discuss matters of health care services in Puerto Rico. In this meeting which took place in the white house, the two discussed how they could improve health services for the people of Puerto Rico given that there has been an increased appeal for the government to improve medical services in this region. Currently, Puerto Rico is supported by Medicare Advantage Plans although there is more that needs to be done for all people on this island to access quality services. One of the concerns that Penelope Kokkinides informed the president is that the funding that this island is currently receiving from the government is not sufficient to take care of healthcare matters. Since 2011, there has been a reduction by over $1 billion in the healthcare budget offered to Puerto Ricans. Penelope Kokkinides was hopeful that President Trump would address this issue and allow Puerto Ricans to enjoy the benefits of good health care services just like other states in the United States. With an increased health budget, medicare advantage plans will manage to address the health needs of the people on this island.

Penelope Kokkinides is currently the chief operating officer and chief administrative officer of Innovacare Health Solutions. She joined this company in 2015 for a second stint after previously serving in the same company. As the administrative officer in this company, she is in charge of daily management of the operations as well as the accomplishment of the goals that the company has set out to achieve. Before joining Innovacare Health, she was as the chief operating officer at Aveta Inc. Other organizations he has worked with include Touchstone Health, Centrelight Healthcare among others.

Penelope has been in the healthcare industry for the past two decades. She is therefore highly experienced to understand what the industry needs to meet the needs of the patients. What makes her the best-suited person for this job at InnovaCare Health is that she has spent her career in other organizations holding senior positions of management and therefore is familiar with the management role that is needed for a company to succeed. Penelope Kokkinides is well educated since he holds a degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University, a master’s degree in social work from New York University and a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University.

It’s natural to have that inherent desire to lead a good life or somehow have your life all packed together. The fundamental source of this lifestyle is to either get employed or be self-employed. Well, in both are benefits, but after this satisfaction is achieved, the push to invest in profitable investment projects. New Residential Investment Corp is one of the firms that will help scale up choices and yield more from one investment. New Residential Investment Corp is a real estate investment trust that helps investors get a periodic premium for investing as a part of the project. The company primarily focuses on residential real estate which is everyone’s dream to own a home someday. It has a portfolio of line products and services it extends to the investor.

First, an investor can invest in real estate securities, residential mortgage loans, servicer advance, corporate and consumer loans among many other services. Over and above these, New Residential Investment Corp also has interest in great opportunistic investments. This is viable prospects that one can make a fortune from brought about but advancement in technology or this era of information. Since it was enacted, New Residential Investment Corp has been able to develop a secure network and build long-lasting relationships with clients. This has helped it cement a broad market position. It recently acquired Shellpoint Partners in 2017. This was a finance based institution offering integrated mortgage services. The pact was closed at US$ 190 million where the latter would benefit from its mortgage model and services.

About New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is a leading investment firm with sole focus on real estate. Its course is in investing in and managing unique opportunities in real estate. These range from mortgage loans, mortgage-backed securities to opportunistic investment. This company was founded in September 2011 as a privately held company to offer financial services to the people. It is located in the United States of America, New York along Avenue suites. The head office is strategically located in an accessible location in the Greater New York Area. Shellpoint Partners is a close affiliate has agreed with this real estate trust company.

Organo Gold has been taking the world by a storm for quite some time now. Since they first started introducing people to their healthy coffee and other products, their global launch has been growing like a wild fire. It only stands to reason that they would do the same on social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. It is no secret that people drink coffee, want to get healthy and use any healthy product they can get their hands on. Using video to gain the trust of customers and people who want to start a global business is just a smart idea. Organo Gold is using these social media sites to showcase their products and their business.

With Organo Gold you can get into the coffee sales business and do it cost effectively. It is important to keep in mind that you are not only selling coffee and other products, but, that these products cross over into the health industry. Selling a healthy coffee is a huge perk, excuse the pun. Creative ideas mixed with healthy coffee in a wide array of flavors is a great mix for sure. Everyone on social media loves to watch engaging videos and drink coffee. As a result this marketing method is a perfect match.

If you are looking to pick up a healthy coffee or a healthy product, Organo Gold offers that for everyone. If you want to build a business that doesn’t hurt anyone and can made a positive impact in the lives of others, Organo Gold offers that also. If you are going to use the products you might as well become an independent representative and buy your own products at a discount. You can also build the business and use things like Instagram videos to do so. It’s an easy process and it works.

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OSI Food Solutions is a big part of the food industry and they know a lot about helping the industry. The company spent time learning about how they could help the industry and what they needed to make it better.

For OSI Food Solutions, this meant they had to help people understand why they were a part of the industry and what they could do to make it better in the future. It helped them realize they were among the biggest companies in food service and they felt confident about the skills they had at providing custom food solutions to the clients they had. OSI does what they can to help people with the options they have and to give them the abilities they need to help even more people with the options that might make it easier for them to succeed. Even when they started, they felt they were going to be able to give more people the options that would allow them to do things the right way.

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After OSI Food Solutions realized they were focusing on a lot of different things, they felt good about the food industry. It was important to them to help even more people and give them what they were looking for. It was also a way for the company to show even more people that they were doing everything the right way so other companies could see their success and help themselves in the future. Clients see that in OSI and know they can make their own business better.

Clients aren’t the only important part of OSI Food Solutions. The employees of the company are also important. OSI spends a lot of time figuring out the best way to treat their employees and they make a point of providing them with excellent benefits. The company spent a lot of time finding great employees to run the business and that’s part of the reason they’ve had a lot of success in the food industry. They know treating the employees right is the only way to keep the company running as smooth as possible.

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Dubai is famous for its elegant skyscrapers, bustling as well as glittering real estate industry. Hussain Sajwani is one of the first few urban dwellers to notice that the city had the potential for growth. He is also one of those who made the investment to benefit from this fast-growing city. Unlike many other wealthy people out there, Hussain’s childhood life was not a bed of roses. He actually comes from a humble background.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, comes from a middle class but hardworking as well as conservative family. He was born in the year 1953. He experienced a plethora of challenges at the company of his parents. He witnessed his father and mother work extremely hard to raise money to take care of the family.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, started working when he was just three years of age. He used to sell watches and pens at the family shop. However, his real professional life started after graduating with a degree in economics. His first workplace after graduation was GASCO where he worked as the contract manager. In the year 1982, Hussain decided to start a catering business. Nowadays, it dominates over 200 projects.

After some time, Hussain Sajwani decided to invest in the Real Estate industry. This is actually where he made a great deal of money. He is the owner of DAMAC Properties, a firm that deals with the real estate industry. After careful investigation, Hussain realized that the future of the Real Estate industry in Dubai was bright. Therefore, he decided to start real estate property Development Company in the year 2002.

One of his first projects in property and real estate industry was actually a luxury residential structure that has 38 stories high. The funny thing is that the project became famous even before the construction process started. After the completion of the project, all units were sold out. The project encouraged and motivated him to work harder for the good of his DAMAC Properties.

More about Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani was born and raised in UAE. He is the founder as well as the chairman of the DAMAC Properties. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the famous University of Washington. He began his career at the GASCO where he worked as the contract manager. He started his own catering venture in the year 1982.

Matt Badiali has traveled the world as a geologist. He has a PhD in Sedimentary Geology. He has also had the opportunity to discuss business and finance will some of the best people in the world. Through this combination of work, he has discovered Freedom Checks. Recent attention has been paid to the new tax structure affecting corporations this year, and investors are looking for ways to make that system work for them. Freedom Checks are the best way to take advantage of the tax code. Certain companies can be registered as MLPs. For that to happen, these companies have to be involved in the energy sector. That can take shape in many forms, but there are only 568 companies currently issuing Freedom Checks. Another requirement of MLPs is that they must pass on at least 90% of their profits to investors. That means investors must receive the overwhelming majority of the companies’ earnings.

Freedom Check investors also have the advantage of being able to claim their investment tax free. When the investor wants to sell their shares in the company, they can also do that at a much lower tax rate than a traditional stock. Investors can buy and sell Freedom Checks just as easily as stocks, and they can receive their checks in the mail. The checks can be received monthly or one every quarter. Matt Badiali has seen stocks from these companies go up by as much as 4,000%. Matt Badiali knows that many of these “to good to be true” investment schemes have not worked in the past, and it has made people reticent to make these types of investments. Matt Badiali’s history in the energy sector and his knowledge of the financial sector make him a trusted voice, and he has seen first-hand how profitable Freedom Checks can be.

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Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group which is a food processing company with its headquarters in Chicago. The company was established in 1909 by an immigrant from Germany and named Otto & Sons. it survived the first and the second world war and in 1955 was selected to McDonalds Ground beef supplier. McDonald’s was still a young company just beginning to expand through selling franchises in different parts of the country. This partnership was great for OSI group as McDonald’s expanded really fast and soon the company required to build one facility that would only supply them.

It was while they were looking to expand and build the facility dedicated to McDonald that they came into contact with Sheldon Lavin who at the time ran a financial consulting firm. He says that he saw promise in the company and got them the funding that they needed. The company quickly expanded and in 1975 he joined the company and it changed its name to OSI Group. He was able to guide the company and make it even more profitable. OSI Group expanded into Latin America in 1982 than in 1993 they entered the European market with a facility in Hungary.

The company has expanded through partnerships, acquisitions and joint ventures since Sheldon Lavin became part of its leadership. They established joint ventures in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China. They also acquired Moy Park in the United Kingdom, Amick Farms in the United States and Baho Foods in Denmark. The company has also established facilities in China, Japan, and Spain. The company has established a number of Culinary centers where they engage in food research and development with the plan to produce the very best for clients.

Even with the success, the company has gained through expansion the company under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership is intent on using methods that ensure food sustainability. He has ensured that decisions made by the company management are guided by sustainability. The company has received a number of awards in recognition of their sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon is 86 years old. He attended the Roosevelt University for his business degree. He supports the Sheba Foundation among other charitable organizations.

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A good education can be the basis of a great career if one is willing to make good use of what they learn. Paul Mampilly was able to build an incredible career from his education, despite his humble beginnings growing up in poverty in India. This didn’t stop Paul though because his family worked hard to make a better life for each other and he never stopped trying to succeed. Paul focused on his education for many years until he finally graduated from Fordham University with a masters degree. This degree opened up many opportunities for Paul, including a position at Bankers Trust as a manager for company portfolios.

This was just the tip of the iceberg for Paul Mampilly and he was privileged to various other high positions over the years in the financial world. Despite the positions that Paul was able to get, he was not happy with how fast was changing and growing, especially as the level of inequality rose. Rather than sitting around working to help rich people become even richer while others are out there struggling to even get started, Paul Mampilly decided he wanted to do something different. This was when Paul decided to step back from Wall Street and spend more time with his family while taking no his working position at Banyan Hill Publishing.

In his new position as an editor and expert financial advisor, Paul can help the average investor make the most out of their money and learn investment strategy for the future. Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly has garnered the attention of tens of thousands of men and women looking to make it in the financial industry. His weekly newsletter is one of the most frequented on the Banyan Hill platform. He doesn’t give anyone the work around and try to sugar coat any of his information. Instead, he shares his knowledge in as simple terms as he can to help everyone stay on the same page and apply his investment strategies with ease.