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It’s that time again when Sussex Healthcare wants to increase its members of staff. In addition to caregivers, the organization also wants to increase the number of physical therapists, administrative staff, and nurses. Any person interested in any of the positions has the chance to fill in an application in any facility of the facilities … Read more

Deirdre Baggot is an experienced clinician and hospital executive. Her leadership role for the CMS Acute Care Episode led to her becoming a pioneer when it comes to bundled payments. Dr. Baggot is an ECG Management Consultants principal and was senior vice president and bundled payments practice leader at a national consulting firm for 6 … Read more

An Exciting Prospect There has been some exciting news in the gas and oil industry as of late. For the first time since America has deregulated gas and oil, the Houston-based company Talos Energy has found a large oil field. This is exciting for many reasons. Domestic oil production has been pretty lackluster as of … Read more

This most previous summer the company known as Talos Energy recent discovery offshore oil in Mexico has helped them win some bids with many partners in Mexico’s energy sector as the country of Mexico is currently going through a energy reform process that’s blocking foreign investors allowing for the neighbor in Houston native known company … Read more

OSI Group is a worldwide food processing and distribution company. Since 1909, the Kolschowsky family has offered quality products. As the company grew, they also earned a reputation for offering quality food products and excellent customer service. OSI food solutions include an association with McDonald’s Hamburgers at the beginning of its tenure in the fast … Read more

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago-based entrepreneur who has made quite the name for himself in the technological world. Known initially for co-founding Groupon, Lefkofsky is now working toward making a difference in the medical field with his next co-founding startup, Tempus. Tempus is a tech firm based out of Chicago that is working to incorporate … Read more

Brian has served for 34 years as a medical practitioner. Through his experience, he noticed that medical professionals undergo difficult times in discharging their mandates. As a result, he decided to come up with HCRC staffing agency. This establishment was to help all the medical practitioners to make their duties more convenient. Brian served as … Read more