Gustavo Martinez has excellent experience in the marketing and advertising industry that spans 35 years. Within this period, he had been at the helm of many crucial business entities and has overseen the creating of notable ads that have become trailblazers in the pop culture. Gustavo was the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, the president of McCann World group, Ogilvy and Mather. He has also worked at Henkel and Price Waterhouse.

He was recently interviewed due to his vast experience in the marketing and advertising industry and shared some of the best insights concerning the same field. When asked about the role of consulting and business acceleration in the future of marketing, Gustavo said that consulting is a shorthand of the provision of high-end services at the strategic and operational levels. It is a strong pillar of the advertising industry from the onset.

With the consultancy model, which has been tested and proven to achieve results, the idea is to develop the best outcomes within the marketing industry for more than a century. Gustavo further says those in marketing business have to understand that the most significant asset in advertising or marketing agency is creativity. You need personnel that is reliable and can complete and execute their jobs excellently. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

When it comes to the marketing industry, advertising is some form, of applied artistry where every firm has a broad artistic process the way a painter or a composer will have a predefined process follow. Running a business ad agency requires hard elements, and that is what Gustavo has specialized with during the latter part of his career. He has acted as an executive, a position that has a feature of the chief business administrator of a company.

Marketing requires raw creativity, which is its driving force. Gustavo advise that the idea os to go for the utmost best because that is what their competitors do. However, the best thing is to contact them, which is another way of making hem “consultants’, which is why the consultancy model works best within the marketing business.

As regards business acceleration, Gustavo is working on a project with UV Business Acceleration. He asserts that the world of startups is very brutal; which is why more than 90% of all startups fail writing three years. From experience, Gustavo says when it comes to the marketing industry, the product is the advertising and vice versa. He is helping companies streamline the user experience, insights obtained from analytics, tech design, as well as functionality from day one.

Gustav Martinez describes himself as a workaholic, but he is in an entrepreneurial phase of his life. His ideas come to life through creativity and allow for a diversity of thought and experience among his team members. He urges people to be patient and eager to learn.

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